Unique Interior Architecture and design; driven by style, context, and expertise.


Design without context is simply decoration

Every project has a unique story shaped by the events and people that have surrounded it in the past.
Even if the original building ceases to exist, the stories remain embedded waiting for someone to bring them back to life.
At Design BY QU, we approach design like a new chapter in your property’s story. We aim to realise your vision whilst drawing inspiration and passion from the history of the property and its surroundings.
With exceptional attention to detail and an emphasis on functionality, our globally-experienced team cover every facet of design to help bring your unique space to life.


When working on projects in Australia, DBQ stand above the competition bridging a gap in the Australian market between Architecture and Decoration. We carry both international and local experience. When you look at the trends with Asian investment and tourism coming to Australia, and global operators spreading their wings to India in such high percentiles, DBQ are the perfect choice to help you to make your global product, Australian, or your Australian product, global.

DBQ bring you a boutique, personalised level of service with flexibility and generosity in our services. We bring the guarantee that the team you start your project with, are the team you finish your project with. We do not have 700 interchangeable designers who may or may not remain throughout your project, we have a unique, dedicated team of the best who will remain from start to completion. Along with this personalised service, we bring with us 20+ years of experience from some of the largest Interior Design firms in the world, and experience working with many of the worlds top hotel operators. We will help you to expand and refine your brief along with design, and we will collaborate as early as possible to ensure the best possible outcome across multiple disciplines. Design is a team challenge and we will go above and beyond to make sure the Interior Design meshes with the rest of the project. We will go that extra mile.