31 March 2020

Tie Your Canoes Together!

We’re facing something unprecedented, but the world is facing it together and will come out more unified than ever. So whilst we stay in our own stream, keeping our social distance, let’s tie our canoes together, choosing to cooperate, support and help each other through this.

We can panic or we can pivot!  Here are some inspirational moves where we see the industry pivoting in response to this global pandemic;

Three Adelaide chefs delivering ready-made meals to your door. It’s not just takeaway, you can also store their meals which are vacuum sealed, giving them a 10-day shelf life:


Offering free meals for people who’ve lost their jobs:


Restaurants doing produce packages:


Giving out toilet paper and hand sanitiser from the back of a ute:


Massimo Bottura is bringing the hospitality experience home with nightly cooking tutorials through Instagram:


The Adelaide Chef of Shobosho, Adam Liston, is coming up with initiatives for his unemployed and vacant kitchen! They are offering everything from the basic necessities of food prep, to helping develop more exciting and nutritious meals for those in hospitals or isolated at home:


We are pivoting too! Let’s discuss how we can support you;


We have TIME! We are using it to invest in design. Time is the ultimate luxury. We are all usually time poor so let’s take this time to design and design well.  Let’s get ahead, get ready for the floodgates of hospitality to open again soon.


Quick renovation? Building and manufacturing are still in operation. Need a coat of paint? To reupholster your old banquette? We can work fast with you on an hourly basis for quick decisions. Closed doors don’t mean we can’t be productive.


Lets strategise! It is a time to re-think how we do things. Now and in the future. Covid-19 will pass but it will change us. We are offering a free two hour workshop with our two Directors to discuss your business and F&B strategy. That’s over $1200 free of charge.


We are always connecting! Let’s get together, grab a virtual coffee, or get together on zoom and chat about how else we can help one another.


Flexible payment terms. If cash is tight, we can offer payment plans or other ways to get around a tough corner.


Looking forward, we are taking this time to build a cyclical economy around the construction of the hospitality industry. It’s time we protect and reinvent materials; and through design and local craftsmen, tell stories of past, present and future.  Stay tuned for an exciting way to further support our industry and pay homage to those fallen through this challenging time.


Isolation and all – now more than ever, we all need to find ways to connect and share our humanity and our passion. Life is a cycle. This too shall pass.

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