Rajasthan, India


Sitting in the Zanana Mahal at Fort Barwara, we told our first story, and built the foundations of our own over the future of restored Rajesthani Forts and Palaces.

This new story will give the city shape and will establish what will be, challenge what is deemed ‘luxury’ and show travellers the road to the future rules whilst helping to unravel the labyrinths of the past. Through our stories, we will encapsulate the beauty around us showing our guests there is more to look up to, places and people to aim for, new places to discover…..

Panchatantra, the Indian collection of fables, are said to reveal the basic knowledge of wisdom which makes one’s life “richer, happier, and fuller” because of the elegant style in which it packages the wisdom of the ages and has the most profound influence on world literature. We will create our own Panchatantra – We will tell our story through design in Architecture, lighting, and decoration.

No amount of imagery or stories could truly depict the incredible beauty, joy and hospitality that is Rajasthan.

People have tried to re-create the intricate details in restoration, through portraits, paintings, and in Architecture, but from time to time, people seem to be covering up the heart of Rajasthan. The history, the personality and the raw beauty of Rajasthan is being painted over. What we aim to achieve at Fort Barwara, is to; Enhance the history, Fill in the gaps, Encourage the imagination; And let the real life Panchatantra shine through. We will create a residence for our guests to reflect on the rich history of the state.

We will depict hints to the opulence of the past, and build a warmth with moments of surprise and excitement bringing the past back to life; Like the moment we saw a resident monkey watching us from the top window inside the double treatment room prior to construction; an Elephant strolling down the freeway; and a man riding his camel and cart. Even the warnings are painted with a smile – ‘Accidents bring tears, Safety brings cheers’ and ‘don’t grow up, it’s a trap’.

When visiting Fort Barwara, people should stop, reflect and smile as they are forced to catch their breath when experiencing the scenery and Heritage surroundings, in the same way we smiled when standing at the top of the Amber fort, looking over the rolling hills and the Pink City below.

Enhancing history, filling in gaps, encouraging the imagination. Rather than layering over, we are adding a new layer for the future- something which showcases traditions  in its raw beauty and interlaces it with the comfort of the future inviting guests ‘home’. Indian artist, Sudarshan Shetty,  infuses domestic, essentially inert objects with new life. The world of traditional and everyday objects continue to be reconfigured from moment to moment in his work with the techniques of interlacing, intertwining, weaving and connecting. Italian Architect, Carlo Scarpa, with his interests in history, regionalism and invention, used techniques of the artist and craftsman in his ingenious glass and furniture design and Architecture where he created new structures without removing the history and heritage.