New Delhi, India


With stories untold from Dwarka’s past, we travel back in time to it’s origins within a forest, through it developing under the Delhi Lodi Dynasty to it becoming, in the modern day, the most sought after residential neighbourhood in Delhi. This concept will take you on a captivating journey with some surprising tales. This is the Welcom Hotel Dwarka:

‘An ancient village in a smart-city’.

The concept of the ITC Welcom Hotel will present a poetic  juxtaposition between the modern day streets of Dwarka and the  natural beauty of the forests that it once was. We can be reminded of this as Dwarka is encircled by the river Najafgarh, where a bird sanctuary can be found. Lined with trees either side, the river is a refuge for stunning birds that fly in through migration periods as well as a home to natives of India. Perhaps the most celebrated of the migrants is the greater flamingo. The contrast between urban and nature will be encapsulated whilst journeying through Welcom Hotel Dwarka.

The story begins in a forested area in the western extremity of modern day Delhi. The Raja Dhadhij was defeated in battle by the king of Delhi and took refuge in a lonely forest. One day while hunting, Raja Dhadhij came to a well where a local Jat women had come to get drinking water.

All of a sudden a bull calf broke free from his owner’s grasp causing chaos. The man gave chase and was joined in it by his neighbours, but in vain. One woman, carrying two gharas of water on her head intervened delicately and quietly put her foot on the rope trailing behind the animal. The calf was caught. Raja Dhadhij’s admiration for the woman turned into infatuation. Thinking that such a woman would definitely give birth to a line of strong sons he offered her his hand in marriage. Though she was already married, the Raja, by cajolery and gifts, succeeded in winning her hand. She gave birth to three sons, one of whom later became the ruler of Pappankalan (Dwarka).

– Adaptation of text by RV Smith