NSW, Australia


“How you bring people into your home is just as important as when they walk through the door. Frame well.”

– Richie Norton

We aim to carve out a seemingly generous amount of negative space, designed as a haven, respite and gathering place for urban explorers, and form vistas to both internal spaces within the apartment in the form of intimate design moments or contrasting rooms and also external vistas looking out to a city where breathing space is sometimes hard to come by.


The concept for Design BY QU’s penthouse is centred around framing vistas of the magical New South Wales Skyline that in turn will formulate the flow of the space.

The open-plan layout becomes an adaptable canvas that offers a unique partitioning system enabling you to reconfigure the residence. This changes the frame of the view into smaller, cosy spaces of solitude. The flexible environment allows you to change the way in which you curl up in comfort and soak up a view that truly encapsulates the idea of relaxed living.