Mumbai, India


Welcome to our home – the showcase of our journey.

On our journey to the Park, we have faced many a motion and movement from the daily commute to the overseas relocation. We have travelled, our children have travelled, we have traced the steps of those before us, and we have returned home. The design concept for the Townhouses at the Park encompasses our movements and the movements of those who have crossed paths with us. We are inspired by the grand gestures of global and physical motion and also by the small details of motion in our day to day lives here in Worli.

We welcome you on our daily commute in Mumbai. Meet our local Dabbawalla carrying his metal cans across the city and just down the road, see our morning tea being poured into fluted glasses. See the textures and the vintage edge of the taxi taking our children to work, and the timeless Mumbai train station where my husband will leave for the day. Our house pays homage to these textures through the structural cladding, furniture, use of light and shadow, within artwork and sculpture and by way of human interaction where the house becomes an entertainment hub for friends and family. We take inspiration from the textures on the streets of Mumbai both rich and raw as well as the striking light within local Architecture from dawn to dusk.