Penrith, NSW


At The Royce, we are aware that the mind does not always age.

We would not be able to create the libraries of today without the mesmerising expanse of the past and everything which has been born and nurtured up until now. It is almost incomprehensible to consider the volume of discoveries, ideas, and human beings born before our time. There is said to be fear that what is in our future is going to damage everything that has been developed before now.

We will not just look to the future, but pay homage to the past and allow residents to continue to learn, develop and connect with others whilst passing on their knowledge and wisdom. Even though physical banks of knowledge in the form of ancient libraries may cease to exist, their effects on development and research for the future remain embedded in their recipients, often a retiring generation, and all we need to do is nurture and allow the generation to share, expand on their education, and continue towards the creation of an even more intelligent world.